Best tips on how to get a freelance writer job

freelance writer job

As the demand for quality content continues to rise, the opportunities for freelance writers to make a living doing what they love are also increasing. American author Ernest Hemingway once said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” This quote highlights that writing can be a profoundly personal and emotional experience. To turn your passion for writing into a successful freelance career, you must learn how to balance your creative impulses with the practical aspects of running a business. 

Follow the tips outlined in this article, and learn how to turn your writing talent into a profitable and sustainable freelance career.

Define your niche

Defining your niche is one of the essential steps to starting your freelance writing journey. According to Forbes contributor Jon Younger, “specializing in a narrow and profitable niche can give you a better chance of success than trying to be a generalist.” This means that instead of writing about everything under the sun, you should focus on a specific area you are passionate about and knowledgeable about. It can help you develop a portfolio showcasing your expertise and attract clients looking for writers with your particular skill set.

Prepare for job application

Build your portfolio

You must build a portfolio demonstrating your capabilities to showcase your writing skills and attract potential clients. Creating a website or a blog that features your best writing samples is one of the best ways to do it. Content marketer Julia McCoy said, “Your website should be a living, breathing representation of your work and what you can do for clients.” You should update your portfolio regularly with fresh, relevant content showcasing your range and versatility as a writer.

Make a professional resume

Highlight your writing skills 

The most crucial aspect of your resume should be your writing skills. Include writing samples showcasing your writing styles, genres, and topics. Emphasize your ability to write for specific audiences and your attention to detail regarding grammar, punctuation, and spelling. 

Professional writing and translation services help job seekers translate their resumes and cover letter accurately and effectively into another language. It can help freelancers find clients on the global market, which increases the possibility of getting a good gig.   

Emphasize your experience

If you have previous writing experience, highlight it in your resume. Be sure to include the names of any publications or clients you have written for and the types of writing you have done (e.g., blog posts, articles, copywriting, etc.).

Get help from experts

Resume writing services can be incredibly valuable for copywriters seeking freelance jobs. These services can provide expert guidance on crafting a resume that showcases a copywriter’s skills, experience, and expertise in a way that will catch the attention of potential clients. A well-written resume can help copywriters stand out and demonstrate their value to potential employers.

Make new connections

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Networking is essential to any successful career, and freelance writing is no exception. A freelance writer and content strategist, Colleen Welsch says, “Networking is key to finding high-quality writing gigs.” You should attend industry events, connect with other writers and editors on social media, and join relevant groups and forums to learn from others and showcase your skills.

Pitch, pitch, pitch

One of the best ways to get a freelance writing job is to pitch your services to potential clients. It means you must reach out to businesses, publications, and individuals who may need your services and offer your expertise. Content marketer Julia McCoy said, “Don’t be afraid to pitch yourself to clients who need great writers.” This means you should be proactive in your outreach efforts and pitch regularly to increase your chances of getting hired.

Learn to negotiate

Negotiating rates and terms with clients can be daunting, but it’s essential to building a successful freelance career. To ensure that you are paid fairly for your work, research industry rates and be prepared to negotiate with clients to reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

Reddit users frequently share their struggles with negotiating the rate for their work. One user said that when he increased his rate by 30%, getting a job became challenging as the clients were demanding. So while making your rate, analyze thoroughly if your skills match the rate you raised. Also, remember that it’s harder to find a client if you charge more money. It can take more time, and you should be prepared for this.

Grow as a professional

As a writer, growing professionally is essential to stay relevant and competitive. One effective way to achieve this is by incorporating article writing tips into your job. Writing high-quality articles requires attention to detail, structure, and engaging content. Furthermore, utilizing article writing tips also helps writers become more efficient and productive, enabling them to meet tight deadlines and take on more challenging assignments.

Develop a professional brand

Developing a professional brand is essential to establishing yourself as a profound freelance writer. Create a professional email address, design a logo and business cards, and develop a professional website showcasing your work and services. According to content marketer Julia McCoy, “Your brand is your identity, so make sure it represents you and your work in the best way possible.”


In conclusion, freelance writing can be a fulfilling and lucrative career for those passionate about the written word. These tips can increase your chances of landing your dream job and building a successful freelance writing career. Remember to stay focused, be persistent, and never give up on your dream of becoming a freelance writer.


  1. What kind of writing should I specialize in as a freelance writer?

The writing you specialize in depends on your interests, skills, and experience. Some popular niches for freelance writers include blogging, copywriting, technical writing, creative writing, and content marketing.

  1. How much should I charge as a freelance writer?

Your rates will depend on factors like your experience, niche, and the type of project you’re working on. Many freelance writers charge by the word, by the hour, or by the project. Research industry standards and consider your value when determining your rates.

  1. How do I build a portfolio as a new freelance writer?

You can create your writing samples or volunteer for nonprofit organizations or blogs to build a portfolio. You can also reach out to friends or family members who may need writing services or offer your services at a discounted rate to gain experience and build your portfolio.

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